Make your own vial labels and vial boxes!

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Ampoule for steroid packaging is popular nowadays worldwide, 10 ampoules or 5 ampoules with plastic tray in a box could be a standard packaging. The only thing you need to send us is the logo and name, size of the plastic tray, then the NFD will take care of rest things
2ml glass vial with custom logo labels, 10 x 2ml in a transparent plastic tray or white paper tray, then put it into the suitable mailer box with paper closure. You can make the box with your own brand to make it outstanding in the shelf. Hologram seal could be attached on the box as well
Many companies use hologram stickers on their steroid products as a security feature to help customers verify the authenticity of the injection bottle. Custom made hologram anti-counterfeiter sticker are often used for security and authentication purposes in the pharmaceutical area because they are challenging to replicate accurately
NFD can offer you different design for your injection steroid packaging, most of client will choose 10ml sterile glass vial as a regular packaging. Suitable hologram vial labels and vial boxes can be made to fit your local market, which can help you brand spreading in the market
Not just injectable steroids, oral steroid tablets or capsules could be another choice for anbolic steroid business. With over 15 years expensive, NFD professional design department can help you make your own brand design in a perfect size to meet your different package request
Usually, client will choose 2ml as a peptides regular dosage, so NFD offer you suitable PE vial sticker labels and cardboard paper vial box for single or a pair vials packaging. Foil hot stamping or Spot UV will make your box more brilliant
NFD can help you make the FREE design if you just a start business on steroids business. The only thing you need to provide is the brand name and drug details. Matching finishing of vial labels and vial boxes will be recommended accordingly based on your detailed request for your packaging