Make your own vial labels and vial boxes!

Hologram embed plastic bottle labels printing

Hologram embed plastic bottle labels printing

  • Steroid oral bottle labels printing
  • UV printing
  • QUBE pharma
  • ANAPOLON 50mg
  • 50 tablets in bottle
  • Strong adhesive
  • logo repeat hologram embed


Leading pharmaceutical business Qube Pharma is committed to carrying out morally-responsible, state-of-the-art research to progress medical science. They can more quickly and effectively introduce innovative therapies to the market thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and highly skilled scientists.

When you need your label for your oral tablet are outstanding in the market, then the design and finshing of the vial labels are really important to improved the whole feeling of the item. Reapting logo as the hologram embed part are a effective method which can help increase the difficulity of copy, cuz the MOQ is high.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to help you from “0” and development to bring you the latest and most effective solutions for VIAL LABELS and VIAL BOXES, to a wide range of steroid market.


Type Roll type labels
Size Customized size
Finshing Glossy oil varnishing
Waterproof Yes
Strong adhesive Yes
Application Plastic bottle or aluminum bag


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